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5 Things You Need to Know About Mobile-Friendly Websites & Responsive Web Design

Faced with the question of whether to make your website mobile-friendly, or just use an app for your products or services?

Read on how mobile-friendly websites are imperative with today’s ever increasing numbers of mobile web users.

  1. A mobile-friendly websites makes your website available to all users at all times.

Mobile users use the web from their mobile devices, because that is what is available to them at that moment. If a potential client is browsing the web on his mobile and your website is not mobile friendly, he will move on to a more convenient site, rather than wait till a desktop or laptop is available to him. Your website must be mobile friendly, or they won’t bother.

  1. A mobile-friendly websites makes your website easy to navigate.

Responsive web design (RWD) adjusts the display of images and content on your website to fit onto the screen of the device being used. This makes it easier for mobile phone and tablet users to navigate your site.

  1. Responsive web design (RWD) is more economical.

In order to make websites available to all users, website owners used to have to create a few versions of the same web page to fit to all screen sizes. Now, with the implementation of RWD only one version is needed as the website adjusts itself according to the screen size, making it much more practical and economical for website owners.

  1. Responsive web design (RWD) Increases sales

E-Commerce has developed at an extraordinary rate over the past few years, and it will only escalate further. Of that amount, purchasers on mobile phones is ever on the rise increasing from 10% of the district’s online buys in 2013, to double that amount just 2 years later.  With this in mind, a wise approach would be to optimise the market and reach out to mobile users with a responsive website, maximising your chance for online sales.

  1. Gives your website higher ranking

Using Google to navigate the web remains the preferred method by which most people find information online. All websites want to appear in the first few search results and will therefore take great pains to improve their SEO, as everyone knows that Google ranks your website according to how mobile-friendly it is.

All in all, as we have seen above, a mobile-friendly website will create a better experience for both you and your potential clients, keeping you ahead of the competition and driving up sales.

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