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Google Ads is Google’s advertising system for businesses to show ads on Google. With these clickable ads, you bid to get your ad shown, but only pay when your ad is clicked on.

Google Ads is based on key words; your ads will be displayed when your key words are searched for. The aim is to produce the most relevant key words to get minimum spend and maximum viewing. With well targeted ads you will see the maximum amount of ads convert.

Setting a budget for your bids, allows you to control your spend and avoids unnecessary overspending.

By adjusting separate bids for each device, Google Ads allows you to optimize your bids on desktops, tablets and mobile phones; useful for those whose audience they want to attract are more prevalent on a specific device.

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Device Adjustments

Device Adjustments

One of the largest announcements to return from last summer’s Performance Summit is that Google would permit advertisers to bid individually on tablet, mobile, and computer devices. This came as an enormous relief to many advertisers who have long struggled with the lack of ability to optimize among mobile, tablet, and desktop bids.

In 2013, Google released its increased Campaigns feature, that effectively created the flexibility to bid individually on mobile phones, however to the chagrin of many advertisers, they also lumped desktop and tablet bids together. That meant if your ads were acting very well or extremely poorly on tablet devices, you may not modify bids to boost performance without also affecting desktop bids.

The new feature from Google permits advertisers to set separate bids for tablet, mobile, and desktop devices, however also permits you to choose an anchor bid. Previously, the desktop/tablet bid served as your anchor bid, that means if you needed to create adjustments, you had to extend or decrease mobile bids. The new feature permits you to decide on any of the 3 devices as your anchor and create changes to the other 2 devices as required. this can be significantly helpful for firms that focus a lot of on a mobile-device expertise.

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Demographic Targeting

In late September, Google released the flexibility to target specific demographics through the Demographics for search ads feature. the same as location or re marketing targeting, this provides advertisers the ability to increase or decrease targeting toward ages and genders.

This new targeting choice is very helpful for firms that see most of their business come from a particular age group or gender, because it permits them to pay a lot of on those searchers who are possibly to convert.

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Campaign-Level Audience Targeting

In December, Google made a significant time-saving update for many advertisers when it released the option to apply Re marketing Lists for Search Ads at the campaign level. Previously, advertisers had to apply RLSA modifiers to each individual ad group, which can be very time consuming depending on the size of your account.


Expanded Text Ads

It had been rumored for a few time that in addition to removing all right-side text ads, Google was also testing a brand new ad format altogether. This rumor was confirmed throughout last summer’s Performance Summit when Google declared it might be releasing enlarged text ads. These ads permit you to form ads with a extended, double headline, an eighty character description, and two extra “paths” additional to the show URL.

Expanded text ads have currently been unrolled to all advertisers. And while normal text ads haven’t yet been removed from accounts, Google won’t permit the creation of any new normal text ads because it pushes for everybody to move toward the new expanded format.


Price Extensions

While Google removed cost extensions last july and swipeable cost extensions for mobile devices in Nov, they recently declared that cost extensions can currently be accessible to point out on all devices.

Price extensions is a good new feature for businesses who have numerous service offerings or tiered services, as they permit you to filter out every service, the price, a quick description, and even send each to a unique landing page.

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