Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate shows as secure on the URL

SSL certificate shows as secure in the URL

In order to answer this question, we must ask another question:

What Is SSL?

SSL (Serial Socket Layer) is what makes your site secure and allows a safe transmission of sensitive information across computer networks. An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that shows your users that your website is reliable and secure.

Why do I need my site to be secure?

All websites need to be protected. Even sites that don’t deal with sensitive information like credit cards still need to be secure to protect your websites and your users personal information. The main reason why SSL is used is to keep your information encrypted. It is impossible for hackers to reach. People feel much more confident using websites that are secure.

What will happen of I don’t have an SSL certificate?

Information that you send over the internet is passed from computer to computer before it reaches its destination. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, then any computer that the information passes through can view your sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, personal identity and bank information. Now no one wants that.

How do SSL Certificates Work?

When a browser sends private information to a server, the browser uses the SSL certificate to establish a safe connection. No one is able to view the information except for the server you have sent the information to. This means no third parties snooping into your private matters. Not even the one who issued the SSL certificate is able to see your sensitive information.

What else in an SSL Certificate for?

An SSL certificate from a trusted provider will also give authentication. As information goes through a few computers before it reaches the correct server, any of these computers can fake to be you and can get your users to send them their information. An SSL certificate makes sure that the information is going to the correct place and not someone pretending to be you who is robbing private information.

Are There Different Types of SSL certificates?

Yes. There are different levels and each level requires a different amount of identity checks. The higher the level, the more validation is needed.

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